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Spring menu

Syrian and Middle Eastern catering in London

We're happy to tailor with you a menu that will work for your event, tastes, dietary requirements, and budget.

We have a minimum order of £350 + delivery.

Please check out some of our menu samples here or get in touch for more details.

Dips and small bites


A chickpea, tahini, lemon and garlic dip (VG, S).



Red pepper and walnut dip with pomegranate molasses (VG, N).



Smokey aubergine with tahini, garlic and lemon juice (VG, S).



Beetroot, tahini, lemon juice and garlic dip (VG, S).

White fassoulia dip

White beans, with tahini lemon and garlic dip (VG, GF,S).


Filo dip cups

Little filo cups filled with muhammara, hummous, muttabal or shawandar (G, and see relevant dip allergens)

Baba ghanoush

Smoky aubergine with tomatoes, green peppers, lemon juice and garlic (VG).


Lamb or spinach fatayer

Little parcels of pastry filled with pomegranate minced lamb or tangy spinach (G,N).



Crispy cauliflower with tarator - a tahini, garlic and lemon sauce (VG, G, S).



Variety of stuffed vegetables with aromatic rice, herbs and walnuts (VG, N).

Batata harra

Potato croquette bite with coriander, garlic and paprika, served with chili sauce (V, G, E). 



Little egg frittata bites with herbs and onions with a mint yogurt sauce (V, E).


Cheese borek

Squares of soft dough layered with a mix of cheeses and herbs (V, G, E, D).

Chicken tarator

Shredded chicken in a tahini, lemon juice and garlic sauce (N, S).


Labneh crostini

Za’atar roasted tomato crostini with labneh (V, G, D, S).



Artichoke hearts with peas and carrots in a lemon and garlic sauce (VG).

Basterma rolls

Rolls of cured beef filled with cream cheese pickles and herbs (GF, D).


Kibbeh mtajaneh

Bulgur and minced meat patties sautéed in a mix of peppers and onions (G).

Habrek samak

Mini fish cakes with coriander and Syrian spices (GF, E, D).

Fatteh bites

Aubergine bites cooked in tomato pomegranate with labneh and tahini on pita crisps (V, G, D, S).

Mini mana'eech bites

Mini flatbreads with za'atar, red pepper or cheese toppings (V, G, D, S).




A fresh crunchy salad with lettuce, radishes, tomatoes and cucumbers topped with toasted pita bread and with a lemon and sumac dressing (VG, G).



A vibrant green parsley and bulgur salad with diced tomatoes and spring onions (VG, G).



A fine and refreshing bulgur salad with tomatoes, red pepper and parsley (VG, G).



The Syrian coleslaw: a mix of red and green cabbage with diced tomatoes, walnuts and a cumin vinaigrette dressing (VG, N).


Eric’s tabbouleh

A different take on tabbouleh: a green couscous salad with an abundance of herbs tomatoes and pickled onions (VG, G).


Lentils and beetroots

Cumin roasted beetroots, lightly spiced lentils and spinach with tomatoes and herbs (VG).


Zaatar aubergine and red pepper

Zaatar roasted aubergines and red peppers on a bed of rocket and green leaves, sprinkled with crumbled feta, black olives and walnuts with a pomegranate molasses and blasamic vinegar dressing  (V, D, N, S).


Giant couscous salad

Giant couscous with chickpeas, tomatoes, green and red peppers and cucumbers with a lemon and olive oil dressing (VG, G).


Zeitoun salad

A rich olive salad with tomatoes, peppers and walnuts in a cumin and pomegranate dressing (VG, N).


Hera' esba’o

Tamarind infused lentil stew with garlic and coriander, topped with pomegranate seeds, crispy onions and toasted pita squares (VG, G).


Kibbeh mtajaneh

Bulgur and minced meat patties sautéed in a mix of peppers and onions (G).



Chicken or vegetables in aromatic spices, black lemons, raisins and nuts (N).


Aubergine fatteh

Layers of toasted pitta bread topped with a tahini yogurt sauce, aubergines cooked in a tangy tomato sauce, parsley and pine nuts (V,G,D,N).



Chicken or vegetables cooked in Aleppo spices on a bed of smoky green cracked bulgur, topped with toasted nuts and pomegranate seeds (G, N).


Dawood basha

Kafta meatballs and potatoes in a tomato and pomegranate sauce.



Aromatic minced beef, peas and rice, topped with nuts (N).



Green beans stew, with or without meat, in a tomato and coriander sauce (G).


Bulgur banadora

Bulgur cracked wheat with vegetables and tomatoes (VG, G).


Baklava fingers

Rich filo pastry filled with walnuts and pistachios with a sweet fragrant syrup (can be vegan) (V, G, N).


Chocolate tahini brownies

Chocolate brownies marbled with tahini and halva 

(V, G, N, E, D)


Znoud el sett

Filo rolls filled with a rich custard cream (V,G D).

Date molasses cake

Moist naturally sweet date cake with walnuts (VG, N, G).


Little pancake parcels filled with cream and pistachios (V,D,N).


Orange blossom polenta and almond cakes

A light and moist almond polenta cake (GF,N,E,D).


Pistachio and rose water plum cakes



Knafeh cheescake

Kataifi pastry topped with an orange blossom and pistachio cream cheese filling (V,G,N,D). 

V = Vegetarian

VG = Vegan

G, GF = Gluten, gluten-free

E = Eggs

D = Dairy

N = Nuts

S = Sesame


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