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Mouna's kitchen does the most delicious (and healthy) food. So much better than your average takeaway! We ordered a mini-feast for a small celebration and couldn't have been happier. Everything was fresh and really tasty and Mouna even provides simple instructions about how best to serve and how long it will keep for. It was delivered on time and was great value. Really highly recommend - we'll be ordering again for sure!

- Ella, N4

I highly recommend Mouna's kitchen, her deliveries have been keeping us going during the lockdown, extending the time between supermarket visits and -most importantly- lifting our spirits. It's just great food, amazing flavours and the portions are generous, totally worth the money. The menu changes weekly, which also keeps us interested. We have been ordering food for about two-three meals each time, which makes the weekend in the flat a little more special. The delivery comes in recyclable material, and all distancing is well kept so feels generally safe. The instructions that come with the delivery also suggest that some of the food can be frozen- we have not tried this yet, but we might for future deliveries.

- Chiara, N4

During the lockdown, we were looking for a special meal to be delivered to enjoy the end of another safe week. We found Mouna's Kitchen, and we have just finished a wonderful meal of Lamb and Ouzi, Kibbeh, Muhammara (a red pepper dip), finished off with incredible tahini brownies. This is great, subtle, filling, honest cooking - full of rich tastes, but still very genuine. We really recommend that you give the menu - which changes every week - a look. Also very clever to include details of how to store / reheat / exact ingredients for every dish. Great family cooking, humbly and sensibly delivered.

- Tim N1

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